We take great pride in what we do & we’re extremely passionate about the services we offer so it means a great deal to us to hear the amazing feedback we’ve received thus far. We thank each & every one of you from the bottom of our hearts! ~The CDG Team
“Contego Defense Classes are FANTASTIC training for everyone! These men are Veterans and I love our Veterans! I am a beginner and I was nervous, but I followed through and glad I did. If I had failed my test, I would have gone back until I passed. CDG Classes are part theory and part hands-on using your firearm safely, but they go a step further. They train you on how to handle your weapon for safety and how to use your firearm correctly. They also explain about the laws of owning a gun. You can feel comfortable about asking questions too. I do not have a firearm yet and I was able to use one of their firearms. I made a choice not purchase a firearm until I took their class and passed their test. Believe me when I say….this class is very thorough in their training and that’s the type of training I was looking for in firearms safety. I wanted both theory and hands on training. CDG is thorough when they train. With Sincere admiration to our Veterans, thank you for your Service in defending our country and thank you for the education of firearms. Sincerely, Jim & Gloria Ambrosini.”
Gloria Ambrosini
“Just took the CCL class this weekend – impressed by the 1:1 instruction during gun handling and safety drills. I feel more comfortable around firearms and better understanding of the IL laws surrounding conceal carry. Instructors are Veterans and former LEO’s with real world, applicable experience and scenarios. As a woman who has only shot in a gun range 2x before the class… I feel the knowledge I gained this weekend was outstanding. I would highly recommend this company and CCL certification course for anyone in the Chicago suburbs.”
Alise Randall
“Great time! These instructors bring real world experience to class. Their background allows them current information and training practices you cannot get elsewhere. Great group of veterans offering their services. I will be coming back for more class time and practice with this group.”
Peter Mitchell
“Excellent instruction. Constructive criticism on the range. And safety is first. Would definitely recommend them for any conceal carry or tactical courses.”
Zack Swank
“Fantastic Conceal Carry course! Instructors were great & extremely knowledgeable. Really take the time to work with you & are very patient no matter your skill level. You won’t find better range time in any other course. They let you do things, no other place will!!!”
Mike Warren
“These guys are amazing…. I had taken my Utah class somewhere else and now regret not doing it with this group… The experience and teaching ability shown by each of the instructors is rarely found. Even in a large group, each person was able to get the help they needed to succeed not only in the test but for everyday use.”
Nicole Grassel