What does the IL CCL Course consist of?

The IL Concealed Carry Course consists of 16hrs training both in the classroom and on the range. Most classes are split into two 8hr days. Those of you that have had prior military service training or other concealed carry or NRA courses may not need the full 16hrs of training. You may be eligible for the 8hr or 12hr course. A FOID card is not required to take the class, however, a FOID is REQUIRED for shooting at our INDOOR RANGE (call for details). If you have any inquiries on which class you require, please feel free to contact us or visit the IL State Police FAQ website HERE.

How long is the IL CCL course?

We run the 16hr course over 2 days (IL CCL I & II). The 12hr course starts on the afternoon of IL CCL I and and requires all of IL CCL II. The 8hr course only requires IL CCL II.

What does the IL CCL I Course cover?

IL CCL I covers:
  • Firearm Safety (2hrs classroom)
  • Care and Cleaning of a firearm (3hrs classroom)
  • Basic Marksmanship (3hrs classroom/range)

What does the IL CCL II Course cover?

IL CCL II covers:
  • State and Federal Laws (4hrs classroom)
  • Weapon Handling (4hrs range)

What are the IL CCL Course fees?

Fee structure for IL CCL courses are as follows:
  • 16hr course – $225 (IL CCL I & II)
  • 12hr course – $175 (IL CCL I AFTERNOON & II)
  • 8hr course – $125 (IL CCL II ONLY)

Where will the courses be held at?

Classroom portions of the course are held in Naperville, Woodridge, or Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood.

Range portions of our course will be held at private ranges in Joliet or Villa Park.

*See the schedule for dates and locations.

What should I bring?

The following items you should bring are:

  • Your Concealed Carry Weapon
  • Waist Holster.
    • NO across the waist holsters
    • Inside or outside the waist band holsters are acceptable
  • Pants with belt loops
  • A sturdy belt
  • At Least 150 Rounds Of Ammo
    • NO hollow points
  • Not mandatory, but highly recommended
    • 2 Extra Magazines
    • 2 speed loaders for those running a revolver
    • Magazine Holster
    • Closed Toe Shoes
    • Baseball Cap
    • Garment That Can Conceal Your Weapon

*If you do not have all the items contact us to make arrangements to borrow our gear at no extra charge.

Are there any other requirements?

*A FOID Card is REQUIRED to shoot at our Indoor Range.

*Electronic fingerprinting will also be done onsite for your convenience by a third party. If you would like to take advantage of this service they will take your payment of $55 via cash, check, or credit card at the time of service.

*You do not have to use this service, however, you will need fingerprinting done as part of the IL CCL application.

*Please bring ID if eligible for military, first responder or teacher discount.



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.



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