“Amazing instructors! All around, very knowledgeable, informative of current laws, safety is priority here, hands on training was badass, and they teach with a hint of good humor. Highly recommended!”

Nathan Rodriguez

“I just completed my CCL training, with contego defense group. David and Jon are extremely well versed in this field. What I like most was that we got 3 hours of range time and additional training. They really wanted us to respect and understand the responsibility of carry a weapon. My father went elsewhere and we compared our experience. He only had 1 hour of range time, and their was little emphasis of the safety and responsibility of carry a weapon. Great job guys!”

Dinah Ro

“I just completed my CCL course with David and Jon and had an amazing experience. They really create a positive learning environment and really know how to present the information to you in a fun and educational way. They really focus on safety and technique which is always helpful no matter what your ability level is. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will be taking future course with them.”

Colin Brice

“As a beginner, Contego helps to teach the basics, but then takes that basic level and really challenges you to reach above that. They embark years of training, knowledge, and experience during the 16 hour CCL class. At first I was nervous, but then with the coaching and patience of our fabulous instructors, I felt more at ease. I would highly recommend anyone interested in CCL to go through the Contego Defense Group! Thanks guys!!!”

LoriAnn Vincent