Contego Defense Group is comprised of veterans of the military and law enforcement—people who understand the privilege of serving others, who thrive from having a purpose greater then themselves, people who made sacrifices in their own lives to be a part of protecting and upholding what is good.

Our Mission

The mission of Contego Defense Group is to develop and support a responsible self-defense community that is empowered to–and fully capable of, providing safety and security for themselves and others through the education and practice of skills and concepts that provide students the means to help ensure the chances of survival in the face of grave danger.

Our Focus

Our focus is on developing the right mentality towards facing threats, because as important as the ability to use force is, the just and proper use of force is equally as vital.

Encouragement for Everyone

We want to foster a defense-minded community that is inclusive, not exclusive. Often people don’t get into self-defense or firearms because they are intimidated for any number of reasons.  We want a culture that is welcoming to the new shooter and encourages a life-long learning process for everyone.

Our Training Philosophy

Our complete program covers how to recognize, deter, and fight back threats from every range of combat.  We carefully designed our classes to be effective through simplicity without sacrificing any effectiveness.  We take a realistic, no nonsense approach that can be adaptable to the unique needs of each student.  Our aim is to help you identify your own strengths and maximize them to achieve real physical and mental power for defense.

Our Valued Partners


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